Such a hectic time has past, and what a great working period I had in China.

Commissions and exhibitions kept me real busy. Early this year I completed a new chandelier of which I will make photos later this year. I finished the work as Chairmen of the Dutch Society of Sculptors (NKvB) after more then 4 years. A trip to Bali – Indonesia was very inspiring, also because of meeting an old friend again.

What else? …

It is a very pleasant place to be and so I hope to return regularly.
I participate in “Een beeld als symbool”  Zorgvlied, Amsteldijk 273, Amsterdam
(till October 1 – 2011)

  • My first commission in China came out very successful and I am very proud of the result. I created 3 sculptures in close cooperation with Karen Zheng and a great team of the Levant Art Gallery from Shanghai. ‘VITAL’, ‘CROWN’ and ‘CHALLENGE’ are now permanent at the GRAND PALACE HOTEL in Xi’an, China. (Lots of photos if you follow this link)

(Interviews on this links)

  • At this moment I am working on more chandeliers, models for commissions and designing a standing lamp plus a tea-table.

I sure will keep you informed about all new activities.

Have a nice season

Best regards